​What kind of mental pitch is favourable for bhakti?

by Chaitanya CharanNovember 27, 2016

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Question : To grow in bhakti what type of pitch do we need?

Answer : Well, the pitches are not a matter of choices. (laughter) We have to play on the pitch that we have. So, we have got a particular body, we have got a particular mind and there is no spare mind available. The mind is not like a replaceable part. So, our mind is the only mind we have. So, we have to learn to train it. So, rather than saying what kind of pitch is favourable for bhakti, we can try to think how we can make our present pitch favourable.

I have a particular kind of mind. How can I engage this in bhakti. That means, we will have certain likings, we will have certain dislikes. So, what we can do is, say this is circle of bhakti, and this is the circle of our likes. So, we can try to find some intersection between them. What I like to do, and what is also a devotional activity, and then we do all our devotional activities as a part of our sadhana, but we focus on this. So, the whole principle of Varnasram dharma was this. It is not just division of society into class. The point of Varnasram is to engage people according to their talents. So, brahmana like to do intellectual work. So, the Varnasrama arranges in such a way that it allows him to do intellectual work in a spirit of service to God. Somebody like to managerial work… ksatriyas do managerial work but they do it in a mood of service to God.

So, today Varnasrama is very difficult to re-establish, but that is being attempted in a social level in our movement, but in an individual level we can take the essential principles. That what it is within the realm of bhakti, that I like to do? And let me make a commitment to doing that. At least that, and through that what will happen? We will connect with Krishna, we will get a taste in Krishna bhakti, and that taste will move on to other things. So, for example if I like kirtans and I just focus on kirtan’s… I do other things but whenever my mind gets agitated, I take shelter of the kirtan. I expose myself to kirtan as much as possible, and that way we have some very easy connection with Krishna, and by that we will develop a taste for Krishna bhakti, and gradually that taste for Krishna bhakti is what makes our mind, our mental pitch favourable for practicing bhakti.

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