02.66-67: Ending our history of dissatisfaction

by November 25, 2011

The Bhagavad-gita (2.6667) explains that when we let ourselves forget Krishna and thereby become disconnected from him, we lose our internal happiness and so our intelligence and mind become disoriented by the winds of passing material desires. Thus disoriented, we oscillate between various desire-winds and end up getting carried away by whichever desire-wind happens to be blowing the strongest at that moment (read “the current fashion”). However, as all material pleasures are temporary, they soon leave us feeling empty and dissatisfied. We often attempt to remedy this dissatisfaction by seeking new external pleasures (read “the new fashion”), but being temporary, these attempts simply add new chapters in our history of dissatisfaction. The only way to end the dissatisfaction is by tackling its root: the disconnection from Krishna. When we determinedly re-connect ourselves with Krishna by cultivating his prayerful remembrance, that devotional connection finally provides us the happiness that we have always been longing for.

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