Hurry Worry Sorry ()

by November 28, 2011

In youth, we are mostly in a state of hurry, having so many things to do and imagining that we can bend the world to our will.

In middle age, we are mostly in a state of worry, having learnt through life’s hard lessons that so many things may go wrong and fearing that we may not be able to control them.

In old age, we are mostly in a state of feeling sorry for ourselves, lamenting all the things that we did wrong or all the things that went wrong despite our best efforts.

However, when we bring Hari (Lord Krishna) in our lives, then his wisdom frees us from:

  1. Hurry by clarifying our priorities so that we focus on life’s most important things without trying to do everything that everyone around us feels we should be doing,
  2. Worry by giving us the conviction that the Lord is always in control and will guide us to safety even when things appear to be going disastrously wrong.
  3. Sorry feelings by showing us how even when material opportunities are lost irrecoverably, spiritual opportunities still remain available inalienably.
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