Not length of life, but depth of love ()

by November 26, 2011

The Srimad Bhagavatam (2.1.12) declares that how long we live is of little importance when compared to for what we live. Everyone lives for love, be it love for survival, money, sense pleasure, fame, sports, family, society, nation or whatever.  No matter how fervently we love any of these objects, they connect with superficial and ephemeral aspects of our lives: be it our senses’ cravings, our mind’s hankerings, our intellect’s appetites or our ego’s demands. The only object that connects with our deepest essence – our souls – is God, Krishna, for it is with him alone that we have an intrinsic and eternal relationship. As long as we live for anything other than that innate relationship, our lives have no lasting significance, no matter how long our lifespan. But if we live to pursue or achieve an eternal relationship with God, our lives yield an everlasting result, no matter how short our lifespan.

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