17.15: Thoughtless words can inflict cureless wounds

by November 4, 2011

The Bhagavad-gita (17.15) explains that speaking the truth in a way that is beneficial, pleasing and non-agitating is the discipline of speech. Those who neglect this verbal discipline risk speaking harsh words that can break hearts and wreck relationships. The internal scars caused by such thoughtless words are often severe and sometimes incurable – especially if those inconsiderate words come from loved ones.

The same Bhagavad-gita verse also mentions regular recitation of scriptures as the last discipline of speech. If we can just cultivate this discipline – both on a regular basis and specifically when our lower self is inciting us to verbally lash out at others, then such recitation of verses and holy names can give us the inner strength to check ourselves from uttering rash words that cause unnecessary and undesirable wounds to others.

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