Krishna Consciousness – Meaning for the Head ()

by November 18, 2011

When we bring Krishna into our lives by making him its center and goal, the resulting Krishna consciousness provides us three precious gifts: meaning for the head, love for the heart and purpose for the life:

  1. Meaning for the head: When we let our head bask in Krishna’s wisdom as given in the Bhagavad-gita, he empowers our intelligence to mine deep within every situation – be it relishable, routine or miserable – to extract the precious jewels of meaning. These jewels of meaning illumine to us the opportunities for spiritual growth pregnant in every situation, thereby enthusing us with the confidence that beneath the apparent disorderliness or insignificance of daily events is a meaningful, magnificent master-plan that Krishna is orchestrating for our highest good.

(…to be continued tomorrow)

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  • kiran Wagadari
    September 4, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    Everyone has an urge To engage his intelligence somewhere in Creating or Solving Puzzles,finding Solutions. Gita Wisdom has Such depth and Clarity Which eventually leads to Intellectual Satisfaction With Spirtual Fulfillment.Heads Of the Current Society can immensely benefit themselves & their Dependents at large By Daily Taking Intellectual Bath Of Gita Wisdom.Thank u Very much prji

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