09.10: Why give up when we can grow up?

by November 27, 2011

Many of us define success and failure in very narrow terms: when things work according to our plans, we consider that to be success; when things don’t work according to our plans, we consider that to be failure. When our plans don’t work, we often get frustrated and dejected, and start thinking of giving up. However, spiritual wisdom helps us broaden our definitions of success and failure. When we understand that the world is working under Krishna’s supervision, as told in the Bhagavad-gita (9.10), then we recognize that the very situation we think of as failure is an opportunity for success; when we are about to give up, we have a unique opportunity to grow up spiritually. Growing up spiritually essentially means growing in our faith that Krishna knows better than us what is best for us. If we choose not to give up, being disheartened by the doors that have shut, but choose to grow up by continuing to serve Krishna, looking for whichever door is open, we will in due course of time experience that  Krishna has orchestrated things for our ultimate good in a way far better than our best plans.

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