16.02: Finding the fault of faultfinding

by December 9, 2011

The Bhagavad-gita (16.2) mentions aversion to faultfinding as a characteristic of the godly-minded. The godly know that all faults originate in godless behavior; they are spiritually astute enough to recognize that their own godliness will be diminished if they dwell on the godlessness of others. They realize that eagerness to find faults is a symptom of the ungodly mentality that sees the godless faulty side of others and not the godly virtuous side. Knowing that such an ungodly mentality will sabotage their own godliness, they avoid the temptation of faultfinding as much as possible.

When real-life situations necessitate that they point out the faults of others, they begin by praying for them instead of preying on them. Rather than mentally delighting in faultfinding, they offer mental prayers for higher powers to aid others in the challenging journey to self-improvement. After cultivating this godly, compassionate attitude, they then do the needful to deal with the situation.


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