18.65: The Bhagavad-gita enthrones the path of love

by December 6, 2011

Just as a beautiful painting can be appreciated only through refined aesthetic emotions – not through emotion-less scrutiny, the Bhagavad-gita reveals a beautiful conception of God that can be appreciated only through refined devotional emotions – not through emotion-less physical gymnastics or intellectual polemics (11.53-54). Before developing these refined emotions, the Gita recognizes that we need to first unglue our mind from worldly objects whose temporary beauty distracts us perpetually from the eternal beauty of God. For this intermediate purpose of curbing distracting material emotions, the Gita discusses multiple paths like the path of detached dutifulness (karma-yoga), the path of analysis (jnana-yoga) and the path of austerity (ashtanga-yoga). However, the Gita encourages us to associate with those who are relishing the beauty of God (10.9) and by their inspiration supplant our material emotions with refined devotional emotions. This refining of emotions helps us to develop easily and swiftly our devotional-aesthetic sensibility and relish the beauty of God, thus fulfilling the ultimate purpose of the Gita. That’s why in its concluding proclamation (18.65-66) the Gita overthrows all other paths and enthrones the path of love.

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