Doesn’t the requirement for submissiveness lead to blind acceptance?

by January 19, 2012

From: tushar vora:

It is said that in spirituality, you should pose questions in a submissive mood?

But doesn’t this seem to suggest, that accept whatever the speaker says, even if you feel like arguing or challanging the speaker? Don’t these scenarios contadict each other? Also, there is a scare given that you should not hurt any Vaishnav. It is a mad elephant offense. But doesn’t this ensure that no one speaks against a Vaishnav just for the fear of hurting him and the Vaishnav can get away with virtually any kind of behavior behind this firewall of the ‘mad elephant offense’? Doesn’t this ‘shut the mouths’ of people, even when they want to voice their opinion? And if anyone voices their opinion in a strong manner, he is implicitly considered ‘demonic’.

These doubts keep nagging me many times. I feel the expectation from Vaishnavas is that ‘they should keep nodding their head’ for everything that the speaker speaks and if they want to challange, then it is better to dissociate from them, since they are not going to accept a contradictory opinion. Please solve this for me , since these doubts keep surfacing on my mind.


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