04.01: Krishna’s immortal legacy for all of us

by January 16, 2012

The Bhagavad-gita (4.1) states that Krishna offers all of us, his children, an immortal heritage: the path of unending love (bhakti-yoga). Even if we receive the best possible legacy from our parents, it will be stripped away from us by the irresistible pull of time. But Krishna as the supreme parent offers us a legacy that time has no power to touch, leave alone steal. His legacy of bhakti-yoga redirects our love from the temporary to the eternal, and thereby elevates us to the immortal realm, where we relish immortal love with him. Thus, Krishna’s immortal legacy for us forms a bridge between the realm of mortality – the material world where we presently reside – and the realm of immortality – the spiritual word where we eternally belong.

Krishna demonstrates his supreme parental love by offering us an immortal legacy and all he expects from us is that we receive his legacy. Normally, children are eager to receive their parent’s legacy, but we being infatuated with mortal pleasures and treasures are eager to postpone receiving Krishna’s immortal legacy.

If we just turn our heart and tongue to Krishna by desiring to love him and to chant his holy names, immortal enrichment will soon be ours for the taking.

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