06.30: Reality is more fascinating than what we have been allowed to believe

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 14, 2012

The Bhagavad-gita (6.30) states how an advanced spiritualist sees Krishna everywhere and in everything. Such a vision is neither a fanciful imagination, nor an intellectual conception, but a spiritual perception of the real nature of the cosmos immanent with Krishna. This perception is not sensory, but supra-sensory: the immanence of Krishna in the things and beings of this world is perceived not through one’s material senses, but through one’s spiritual senses.

Where the material senses see only the purposeless motions of matter according to impersonal laws and mechanical forces, there the spiritual senses see the purposeful actions of a benevolent God and his competent agents. For most of us, our spiritual senses are presently dormant, but we can awaken them by the process of devotional service centered on mantra meditation.

The divine sound of mantras aligns our intuitive understanding with the enlightened perception of the spiritually awakened. This alignment enables us to discover that reality is much more fascinating than what our past material perceptions allowed us to believe. Where our material senses saw worldly happenings only as favorable or unfavorable or immaterial for our self-centered enjoyment, we now see worldly happenings as other-worldly teachings, as Krishna’s timely demonstrations of the Gita’s timeless truths. When we recognize reality as a living school with a loving mentor, life becomes changed forever.

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