How can we understand that some of Prabhupada’s prophecies didn’t come true?

by Chaitanya CharanFebruary 16, 2012

SPL vol 4

“By the year 2000, no one will see the light of day,” Prabhupada said.
“Cities will be forced to live underground. They will have artificial
light and food, but no sunlight.”

how can we understand this as this has not come true completely?

Your aspiring servant,
Sri Chaitanya Chandra das



Prabhupada is not making his own prediction; he is simply quoting a mundane authority:

And it is suggested in your Almanac, World Almanac, that next hundred years they will break all these buildings and they will go underground. Yes. Because atomic age. So nobody will… I have read it in the World Almanac. The prediction is there that world, next hundred years, nobody will live on the surface of the earth. Everyone go subway. And when they want some pure air, they’ll come out to see what is the surface of the world. It is suggested. You can read it. (Montreal, August 24, 1968)

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