15.15: Krishna is ever-waiting, ever-willing and ever-working

by February 11, 2012

The Bhagavad-gita (15.15) states that Krishna personally resides in the hearts of all living beings so as to guide them to their ultimate good. From his strategic vantage point within our own hearts, Krishna observes our misadventures in material existence and strives to bring them to an adventurous, auspicious ending. Let’s see how:

Krishna is ever-waiting: In a friendship, if one of the friends neglects the other for a long time, it’s quite natural and reasonable for the neglected friend to give up the neglecting friend. But Krishna’s love for us far exceeds the bounds of the natural and the reasonable; although we have neglected him for so many lifetimes, he neglects our neglect and waits patiently in our hearts for us to renew our friendship with him.

Krishna is ever-willing: If one friend not only neglects but also displeases or offends the other friend, the second friend is entirely justified in being unwilling to renew the friendship. But Krishna’s friendship is so unfailing and unflinching that, despite our many sins and offenses through which we have repeatedly displeased him, he remains ever-willing for reconciliation and rejuvenation of our relationship with him.

Krishna is ever-working: Krishna being God is perfect and complete has no work to do and has nothing to gain from his relationship with us. Yet his selfless and tireless love for us impels him to voluntarily take up the worrisome work of inspiring us externally and internally to redirect our love to him and thereby realize fully our potential for happiness.

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