Why was Pururava not purified by worship of Lord Vishnu, as was Dhruva Maharaj?

by Chaitanya CharanFebruary 14, 2012

From: Chethan

In SB we see pururava praying to Lord Vishnu for getting Urvashi and Dhruva approached Vishnu to get a great kingdom. Dhruva got purified, but pururava got Urvashi and later got frustrated.. He didnt get purified while following worship.


Guru is not there in case of Pururava whereas in Dhruva`s case, Narada muni had given instructions to follow.

Even then, we tell that whoever approaches Krishna/Vishnu for any material desire, get purified of their desire..(akama sarva kamova…) why is it that Pururava though saw Vishnu in person , still had lust in his heart for a mundane woman? please explain


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  • radhika vallabha das
    January 14, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    i agree with your points in the answer.

    i had few more points.

    in the case of dhruva maharaj, he worshipped krishna and practiced the process of bhakti. although he had material motivation because of practicing bhakti and worshipping krishna he got purified.

    but in the case of pururava, as per the description in 9th canto chapter 14, he worshipped krishna but he performed karma kanda sacrifice.
    it seems that he performed karma kanda mixed with bhakti. it appears that he did not perform “tivrena bhakti yogena ” as in the case of dhruva maharaj.

    it appears to me that because he performed some karma kanda mixed with bhakti, the full purification did not take place.

    please let me know your inputs.

    radhika vallabha das.

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