Is Vishnu a primary name or a secondary name?

by Chaitanya CharanApril 17, 2012

From Gaura lila Prabhu:

Thoughts came in my mind regarding following names of Krsna:

Visnu : One who enters into every atom

Dwarikadhisha : One who is king of Dwarika

Vrajaraja : One who is king of Vrindavana

Laxmipati : One who is master of mother Laxmi

Rukmininath : One who is master of mother Rukmini

 – Visnu is name which is in connection with material world.

– Dwarikadhisha is the name in Connection with Dwarika.

– Vrajaraja is the name in connection with Vrindavana.

 Q1. Visnu is considered as secondary name; this is clear to me. What about the other 4 names; in which category they belong?

Q2. Is there any other category apart from primary names & secondary names of Krsna?

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    April 21, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Received by email from Gaura Lila Prabhu:

    Thank you very much. I liked your answer.

    This website is a very good way to bring spiritual wisdom close to thousands of people in an appealing manner. I hope & pray that many many people should get connected to it and enlighten the whole world.

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