Why is India poor despite so much religiosity and the West so properous despite its materialism?

by Chaitanya CharanApril 14, 2012

From: akash

In India people have so many gods and religious things going, still people in India are so poor.They lack even basic necessities to live. But if we take on the other hand people in the west, they don’t worship any gods but still they are materially so well off.How do you explain that

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Chaitanya Charan
  • akash
    April 17, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Thank you for wonderful explanation.

  • krishna dasa
    September 4, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    one of the most important reason of why west is prosperous despite being no worship of god and india is still poor is due to lack of proper varnashrama dharma currently present in india .the perversions happened in the varnashrama dharma ,and it become more rigid over a period of time ,and in this way lots of mismanagement happened . and gradually ,lots of superstitions and non-scriptural standards were followed blindly .if people would have properly followed the varnashrama dharma ,then the india ,would have been much more prosperous . chaitanya sikshamrta(chapter 2) discuss on these topic as follows :
    “According to these natures, the people of India were classed in four varnas. If society is divided according to the varnas, all the work in society becomes effective. This is beneficial for the whole world. That society which has the varnas has a scientific basis and is worshipable by all. Some people may question the efficacy of the varnasrama system, since the countries of Europe attained great feats and fame without having a varnasrama system. But such a doubt has no substance, because these people are all recent. Due to being very bold and energetic, they have taken all the previous skills, arts and sciences, and begun to act. But gradually with time, these societies will fall, because of lack of scientific organization of varnas. Though the Aryan civilization is much older, it has remained intact with the same characteristics because of the varnasrama system.

    The Roman and Greek civilizations were much more powerful than modern European nations, but where are they now? Those peoples have become devoid of their previous qualities and taken up the qualities and life style of the modern nations. They have become so transformed that they have no pride in their previous glory. Though the Aryan civilization is much more ancient than that of the Greeks and Romans, even now the people of India take pride in their ancient heroes. Why is that? Because the varnasrama system remained strong, the culture of the society was preserved and not lost
    If one examines modern European cultures, one will notice that all its remarkable features are due to preservation of varnas, based upon intrinsic nature of the individual. Those who have the nature of merchants prefer that occupation, and by that profession obtain their progress. Those who have ksatriya nature join the military. Those who are sudra in nature prefer to do menial service. Actually no society can exist without a division of varnas ”

    thus it can be seen that even so called prosperity that west had at least on the material level ,is due to they have a freedom of choice ,as per their own interest and nature ,especially in their educational system .they don’t have any birth based discrimination ,which gradually spread in india ,due to perversions in varnashrama dharma called as caste system . if one reads the dharma sastras ,it will be seen that management rules were there ,civilians were responsible for maintaining cleanliness ,if they didn’t ,they were fined .but now that sense of civic responsibility has lost in india . all this gradually happened due to irresponsible people took charge of things ,which they were not capable of doing ,thus varnashrama dharma corrupted .sudras were insulted by higher varnas ,they became more and more poor ,higher authorities ,who were incapable of managing society corrupted the entire system .thus india became a third class country .thus everyone attacked including muslim ,britishers .and gradually people forgot their glorious ancient past . and now indians are trying to become westeners ,imitating them .if we are really proud to be indians , then we should establish our spiritual culture again ,free from all the superstitions ,and completely based on scriptural standards ,reestablishing the varnashrama dharma . but now this being kali yuga ,it seems unfortunate that we will be able to establish varnashrama dharma as it was earlier ,but at the least ,we can try to do whatever small efforts we can put ,as a devotees ,to establish the varnashrama dharma .

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