How are all social service activities mundane?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 18, 2012

From: Achinta

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Often it is said that social service is much lower than serving Krsna or doing preaching activities. But some activites of materialists seem spiritual

Ex1 : Suppose a parent has a child who is physically disbled but still parents love and serve him without any complain throughout the end of their lives. They hardly have any expectaitons from him. How does this activity seem mundane?

Ex2 : It makes me think often what made the freedom fighters to go such a long way for giving India freedom. Bhagat Singh got even hanged for it. What personal desire did he have.

Is this activity mundane ? It makes me often think how was Srila Prabhupad different in this reguard.

Ex3: One of my friends related how a person not caring for his own life saved the life of his fellow passengers during a shipwreck.

He even gave his own lifeboat to others. What pleasure did he get for doing this. Generally soical service workers get some egoistic pleasure but in case of this person it doesnt seem that for obtaining such pleasure he would give up his life.

Prabhuji please explain how these social service activities are not on spiritual but mundane platform.

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