10.11: The Light that brings Lightness

by May 1, 2012

Many of us may sometimes feel burdened by the various problems and anxieties that life brings our way. This mental burden often debilitates and disorients us, leaving us with little energy to do anything and with even lesser confidence that what we do will make any difference.

At such times of inner darkness and outer difficulty, we can find in Gita wisdom a light that brings lightness. Let’s take a brief look at these two progressive gifts of Gita wisdom:

  1. Light for the head: Gita wisdom infuses us with the insight that we as spiritual beings are indestructible; worldly upheavals, no matter how devastating, can never harm our spiritual identity. The light of this insight frees us from the disorienting effects of external troubles, and helps us to intelligently discern our way out of the difficulties.
  2. Lightness for the heart: Knowing the way out of trouble is just half the solution; having the confidence that we can tread that way is the vital other half. Gita wisdom surcharges us with that confidence too. It awakens our devotional awareness that Krishna is our greatest well wisher and that he being in control of everything will orchestrate things for our ultimate good; all that we need to do is play our part properly in accordance with his guidance in the Gita. This faith in Krishna’s omnipotence and benevolence lifts the burden of anxieties from our heart. The resulting lightness of the heart brings the spring back into our steps and energizes us to continue our life’s march towards Krishna even amidst difficulties that might otherwise have been crushing.

No wonder then that the Bhagavad-gita (10.11) assures us that, if we just try to serve Krishna lovingly, he mercifully illumines our heart – not just our head, but our heart – with the torchlight of the supreme wisdom.



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