Why is ISKCON not active in socio-spiritual causes like cow protection?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 21, 2012

From: Rohan

We see in general that ISKCON is entering in the social activities like “Stopping the cow slaughter”, “Saving Yamuna” etc. which are spiritual activities as well.

But we don’t see some active or noticeable participation of ISKCON in these activities. ISKCON does some things like voting and puting the signatures of so and so number of people in front of the government,etc. etc.

But this is very passive involvement compared to other organizations who very actively do some demonstrations or displays etc. Is there any specific reason for ISKCON not getting too much into these things?

But on the other hand, these things are also very essential. So, what should be the understanding and approach of devotees in regard to such happenings in the society which are also related to Krsna Consciousness?

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