If God is ruling the world, then why is the world not perfect?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 15, 2012

From: shweta anand kulkarni:

how is god born? if god is ruling world, why isn’t this world a perfect world without corruption,terrorism,etc?

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Chaitanya Charan
  • Apurva Pradhan
    June 16, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    Classic question – We hear it ALL the time in some form or the other.

    Brilliant answer:

    “God is never born, he is above the realm of time!”.
    “God has given this world as an Arena for those souls who want to enjoy separately from him!”.
    God sanctions wrong things so that the soul can experiment with what it thinks can make it happy. Of course he also gives them the reaction to the wrong things through which the soul can learn.When all the experiments fail the soul will then turn to God”.
    “As for the people facing these wrong things, they are just getting their Karmic reaction”.

    Can anyone explain this anymore simpler ways than this? I don’t think so 🙂

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