Is Parashurma a shaktyavesha avatar or a full avatar?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 6, 2012

From: Kaustubh H N

 I have read in ‘Teachings of Lord Chaitanya’ that Lord Parashurama is one of the indirect Shaktyavesha Avataras(i.e. Krsna empowering some jiva with extraordinary power…but in the Dashavatara stotra, we hear keshava dhrta bhrgupati rupa….that means Keshava(Krsna) Himself came as Lord Parashurama……how can both of them be true?

Another question is that what is the difference b/n a sakshat shakthyavesa avatara and the others(as in purusa, guna, lila etc.)….like in this avatara Krsna  comes Himself and in the others also, He comes Himself….could you please throw some light on this….

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