Can devotees read books like “7 habits of highly successful people” to learn to better organize their lives so that they can serve Krishna better?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 16, 2012

From: Upendra baliga

hare krishna prabhuji , i just wanted to ask if being devotees we can study and make use of a non devotional book called “7 habits of highly sucessful people”. since i have heard and seen a few topics of the book , which might really help in trying to balance our spiritual life and material life . i felt that being in the initial stages of krishna conciousness i immaturely surrender to krishna and when things go wrong due to dis-organisation or lack of proper management , i soon become frustrated in life , so i was wondering if we can use the tips in that book and apply in my life , so that i can better manage my spiritual life and material life , just like rupa goswami talks about YUKTA VAIRAGYA . i realsie that its krishna’s mercy ultimately to give us proper intel to manage things , but i felt i must do my best and taking things favourable for devotional service from that book , is also trying to do my best! please give me your advice . 

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