Might a beggar be an elevated devotee in Goloka? Why don’t we treat him as such?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 24, 2012

From Ankur:

In the bhagvat gita (where krsna says maam vamshe jeev loke jeev bhuta sanatana).
all living entities are my part and parcel of lord in 5 rasas? yesterday while boarding bus ,i saw beggar ,thought
crossed my mind that right now he is beggar and muslim,but his constitutional position could be very high ,prabhuji can it be the case?labourer also may have very high constitutional position ,may be in goloka vrindavan,
2)ultimately all are devotees of lord ,so why we make distiction,devotee or non devotee so person who  is not practising devotional service right now may be more advanced devotee.
3)most important ,prabhu these things i dont want to ponder upon ,i want to focus on chanting but my mind is so obstinate ,it thinks a lot ,i feel helpless .my worry is that since these things crossed my mind several times .it has created strong impression .how to
forget it and focus on chanting

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