Where exactly is faith located: in the soul or in the mind?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 3, 2012

Transcription: (By Ramanand Borse)

Question: Where exactly is faith located? is it in the subtle body or is it in the soul?

AnswerFor a soul in the natural spiritual pure stage, the faith is in the soul.The soul has natural love for Krishna and that love is based on faith in Krishna – implicitly. But when the soul comes in conditioned stage then the soul’s consciousness is routed through its subtle body to the gross world. At that time the conceptions of the soul are molded by the impressions in the subtle body. So for us, even when we are in the conditioned stage, the faith is situated in the subtle body. In which element of subtle body? The Bhagvatam describes it as, it is the intelligence which has faculties of doubt, misapprehension, correct apprehension and dream. So correct apprehension is similar to faith and doubt is the opposite of faith. This is how the faculty of faith in the conditioned stage is situated in the subtle body, in the intelligence.

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