Why should milk and ghees be used for the Deities when poor children are starving?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 1, 2012

From: Amogh

I was asked by one of my relatives that what is the use of offering milk, ghee etc  on deities when there are people starving for food. I tried using some of the reference from your answer to question “Aren’t Yajnas waste of money” but could not explain it properly. The points that they put were:

1)            The starving children are God’s children and God would be happier if we serve them rather than offering him the milk, gee, honey etc..

2)            You can offer a small token to God and the rest to starving children as it will quench their hunger rather than wasting it

3)            They quote that “God is happy even if you offer little with devotion, he does not ask you for anything else.

Can you please give the detailed answer.

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