Will most devotees go to heavenly planets?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 2, 2012

From: Mahesh

SP said 80% of the devotees go to heavenly planets.

Can the following thing be inferred from the above statement?

 Most of the devotees can not enter the spiritual world in this day of Brahma. Bcs if one goes to higher planet and by the time he returns back, at least 35000 years will have passed here and there wont be any ISKCON. In the remaining 20% devotees, some may take birth again as human in this earth and may get one more chance to perfect their life.

In this case, by practising KC most of the devotees are going to heavenly planets rather than to Spiritual world and seems KC is giving temporory relief from the miseries by sending most of the devotees to higher planets.

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