If Dhruva Maharaj attained the Lord in 6 months can we go back to godhead in six years?

by August 9, 2012

From Anupam Sinha:

i heard in SRIMAD BHAGVATAM lecture that if process of devotional service is practised with utmost sincerity,

one gets the desired result very soon.dhruv maharaj attained lord within 6 months (offcourse he was very exalted

devotee) and his devotion can’t be matched by ordinary beings.my question is if i have intense desire to go back

home back to godhead(i have abnegated all material desire and i only long for service of lord in spiritual world)

can i go there with in 5-7 years? (it may sound whimsical-but why not if devotional service has got such potency)

then why doesnt it happen?if im destined to live for 70 years ,can i change my destiny and go back home back to godhead within short span

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