Why did Yudhishthira gamble despite knowing its consequences?

by Chaitanya CharanAugust 18, 2012

From: Sanket Prajapati

I have heard that in Mahabharata, King Yudhisthira accepts the request of Duryodhana for a match of gambling. Yudhisthira inspite of being a vaishanava why did he accepted the request? Did he not follow the four regulative principles in which gambling is to be avoided? I have also read in the Mahabharata that Yudhisthira knew that the result of this gambling match will not be appropriate, then too why did he accepted the request?

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  • November 11, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    because according to him, being a kshatriya it’s against DHARMA to say no to a challenge.
    Source: Wikipedia

    bullsh**? I know. I don’t understand why was he considered so virtuous. I believe all of his brothers were far more superior than him in all aspects. Yudhishthir only talked about dharma but failed to implement it. How on earth could a moral person bet his own wife? height of inmorality!!!
    and in my view, dharma = morality.
    I believe Mahabharata is a very very complicated story where the characters are even more complex.
    Bheeshma tried to stop yudhishthir to do that but Yudhishthid didn’t listen to him and Bheeshma even broke his chair in anger.
    but at the time when Bheeshma was lying on death bed he asked Krishna why is his death so painful. To which krishna replied that it’s because he didn’t take measures to stop kauravas from disrobing Draupadi!!! Bheeshma said that he thought it was Yudhishthir’s duty to stop him and he was her husband.

    I believe Bheeshma was right. He tried to stop Yudhishthir and when Draupadi was insulted, all the pandavs remained quiet. So why didn’t krishna punish Pandavas?
    Complex, right?

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