Spiritual happiness depend on external sources, so isnt it outside-in not inside-out?

by Chaitanya CharanSeptember 21, 2012

From Anant Vallabha Pr:

In one of your lectures you have said and same point I’ve heard from other devotees also that: “Happiness is not OUTSIDE IN but it is INSIDE OUT” which means we cannot get happiness by the external sense object which is outside us.

Eg: A Gulab Jamun/ a woman (external sense object) cannot give us happiness.

Rreal happiness doesn’t need external object or something from outside to experience the happiness but it is the internal experience.

Question: Even to get spiritual happiness or real happiness we need some external source.. How it is INSIDE OUT ?

Eg: If I am cleaning Vessels in the temple/voice, I get real happiness but again cleaning vessels is something OUTSIDE and happiness what I am feeling is INSIDE, again it is OUTSIDE IN not INSIDE OUT ?  Please clarify Pr

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