Are we mistaking the slaps to be pleasures?

by December 4, 2012

To the devotees, Krishna takes charge Himself, and to the ordinary living entities, the charge is taken by maya. Maya is also Krishna’s agent. Just like good citizens, they are taken care of by the government directly, and the criminals, they are taken care of by the government through the prison department, through the criminal department. They are also taken care of. In the prison house the government takes care that the prisoners not in uncomfortable—they get sufficient food; if they’re diseased they give hospital treatment—every care is there, but under punishment. Similarly, we in this material world, there is care certainly, but in, in a punishment way. If you do this, then slap. If you do this, then kick. If you do this, then this… This is going on. This is called threefold miseries. But under the spell of maya we are thinking that this kicking of maya, this slapping of maya, this thrashing of maya is very nice.

–          Lecture, Ishopanishad Mantras 2-4, Los Angeles, May 6, 1970

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