Aren’t devotees like a group of people with limited knowledge and analysis?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 20, 2012

From: Keshav

Is Krishna Conciousness limited knowledge ? When we speak to people who are well versed in sanskrit and vedas , they say search for god ,

in reply if i say Krishna is saying i am god ,why should i need to search god ? They give huge analysis of this and that , after listening to them i find myself in a well who thinks i am in ocean .

These people are very good orator’s , whole world run after them ,they also have huge organisation’s worldwide, How should i convince myself ?

The knowledge of modern thinker’s like Vivekananda,Aurbindo Sivananda,Chinmayananda,Parmhansa Yogananda etc. can not be ignored at all , in repect of their concept and analysis,

Isn’t Krishna conciousness is like a group of people who do not want to learn all ,but are  limited to scripture’s , limited to analysis , limited to flow of thoughts . What’s your take on this ?

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