When Krishna does so many immoral activities how can he be God?

by Chaitanya CharanDecember 20, 2012

From Sun

Firstly any God has to do good to be followed. The worshipers follow God, so God has to be good as there cannot be one rule for God where he does bad and sins and that same God cannot ask the diciples/worshipers to be sinless.

1. Krishna stole venne/cream from his house/neighbours as a child  – Thief as a child 2. Krishna had somany girls (had sex with them) – had 16k girls qualities of a womaniser 3. Was married to rukumani but loved Radha – no loyality towards his wife 4. Radha was married but krishna was after her and she was after krishna both did not have morals…

My question is when krishna did all these things how can he tell his followers to be good and not do the same things he did. If today we did the same thing what he did it would be sinning…..how is he God …. how can one follow him…..in which direction….do we get peace seeing his history…..please explain…..

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