15.15 – No time to learn the language of faith?

by January 27, 2013

Suppose students at a school don’t understand the subjects that are taught because they don’t the language in which the lessons are taught. When a well-wisher suggests that they take classes to learn the language, they retort, “We are struggling to manage our existing study-load. How can we possibly study anything more? Impossible. No time.”

We would find such a reply comic at best and tragic at worst, wouldn’t we? Yet might we ourselves be giving a similar reply?

The world often doesn’t make sense. The way events turn out, the way people behave, the way we ourselves act or react: these frequently exasperate us. Yet we keep making plans that next time things will work out better – only to be thwarted again and again.

Gita wisdom indicates that the world is a school meant to teach us one central lesson: the glory of living in loving harmony with Krishna. The obstacles and reversals of life demonstrate the converse lesson: the futility of living in isolation of his will. The language through which this lesson is taught is the language of faith: faith in Krishna’s existence and benevolence. We learn the language of faith by studying the scriptures wherein we see how Krishna transforms adversity into prosperity for the faithful. The transformation usually happens gradually, often inconceivably. Yet it does happen. Definitely. Repeatedly.

The Bhagavad-gita (15.15) indicates that Krishna gives the scriptures for our education. Additionally, he is so eager to help us learn that he manifests himself personally in the heart of each one of us as our inner guide, the Supersoul.

When we study the scriptures and connect with Krishna by cultivating his remembrance, we learn the language of faith. Through this language, we gradually see how the seemingly senseless events of life are pregnant with the supreme sense.

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