What is the position of grihasthas in ISKCON? Should brahmacharis criticize them?

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 15, 2013

From: sudhanshu behera

my question is wat is the position of a grihastha in ISKCON..

i am practicing krsna consciousness 4 last three year,, i hv seen grihastha devotees r  often looked down upon.. in most of the brahmachari class, there s only blaspheming of grihastha aashrama.

is it a proper way to take to brahmachari aashrama, only becuz d other aashrama s bad..

obviously those brahmacharis will have a hatredness while dealing wid d grihastha.. dis s nt good 4 our society..

also there s  some stigma, due to wich grihastha r nt able to open dere heart freely.. dere are deeper philosophy why to become a brahmachari, not blaspheming grihasthas..

i am a wittness to lots of brahmachari class..

i want to become one,,but not by critisizing other aashrama..

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