18.76 – Love of words in the words of love

by February 13, 2013

The Bhagavad-gita is essentially Krishna’s words of love for all of us.

From its setting, the Gita may appear to be words of counsel directed to a particular individual (Arjuna) to resolve his specific dilemma (should I fight or not?). However, even a cursory reading of the Gita shows that its content soon transcends its setting. It goes to the heart of the human condition, addressing the universal questions of our identity and destiny. It reveals to us that at our core we are indestructible spiritual beings. And we are meant to delight forever in the unending love of the all-attractive Supreme Being, Krishna.

When this understanding becomes our life’s guiding principle, we learn to act in love for Krishna and all his children even in this world. Our life transforms into an adventure of love in Krishna’s service and we ourselves become messengers and radiators of his love for all.

This transformation is so profound, so joyous and so enriching that we cannot but fall in love with the words that bring about the transformation. The Gita illustrates this love in the reaction of Sanjaya on hearing the Gita’s words of love. He declares (18.76) that he savors those words by meditating on them and thereby feels thrilled at every moment.

This verse is among the last verses of the Gita and so is a part of its sign-off message. This signifies a vital truth: we too will become jubilant if we develop a similar love of words for the words of love. Due to that love for the Gita we will contemplate Krishna’s love and gain deeper realization that his love is life’s supreme reality. Being thus assured, we will march confidently through life towards Krishna without being disturbed by its transient ups and downs.



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