How can we regulate material desires that are not sinful?

by Chaitanya CharanFebruary 6, 2013

From Sudha Mehta Mataji:

I had a specific question to ask I find that with chanting and giving devotional service to Krsna our lower desires like eating in restaurant, going to watch Cinema, Television, gossiping etc is overcome. But Desires like buying jewellery or doing investments, travelling to holiday destinations they are not getting reduced. Of course I don’t go out of way and splurge but still the moment talks of gold, jewellery or holiday travel plans are discussed or heard mind starts jumping like monkey and is restless. Especially w.r.t to going on holiday. These desires are not sinful but still desires are desires. How to overcome them? Even while chanting they dance in front of eyes. If you can help by showing a right perspective I would be grateful.

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