Why did Krishna’s parents not stop him from going to the forest to graze the cows to avoid the danger of demons?

by Chaitanya CharanMarch 20, 2013

From: revati v das

I discussed this with some devotees, but we couldnt understand. Pls help.

Demons like putana, sakatasura, trnavarta etc attacked Krsna at Nanda Baba’s home. Then Nanda Baba & others  shifted from gokul mahavan to vrndavan. Then krsna grew-up & started taking calves out for grazing. There Krsna would kill demons like aghasura, bakasura, dhenukasura etc. On returning home gopas would tell abt these demons to vrajbasis. Corpses of these demons would be seen later.

I am wondering why did not Nanda Baba & Yasoda stop Krsna, “Dear child Krsna, now on pls dont take cows out on grazing. There is danger of demons.”

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