10.41 – Krishna is Krishna’s best blessing

by April 7, 2013

“I am spending so much of my time and energy serving Krishna; why doesn’t he bless me with the things that I need?” Such questions may sometimes trouble us.

Krishna blesses us – always. However, because our intelligence is so finite, we need the help of Gita wisdom to understand how he blesses us.

The things of this world are not the blessings that are worth our eternal soul; they can’t offer anything eternal and can in fact distract us from the eternal. Our heart’s thirst for everlasting love can be quenched only by spiritual love for Krishna. Though he is all-attractive, we cannot relish his all-attractiveness as long as the attractiveness of worldly things captivates us.  To free us from such captivation, Krishna informs us through the Bhagavad-gita (10.41) that the attractiveness of everything is but a spark of his all-attractiveness. By sharing this insight, he encourages us to redirect our heart from the spark to the flame, from worldly things to him. Sadly however, we often hold on to our worldly infatuations, thereby leaving Krishna with no alternative except to let our past karmic reactions take away those things.

We will initially resent losing the worldly things that we expected from Krishna as his blessings. But if we can just faithfully persevere in our devotion, we will discover the sweetest and greatest truth of existence: Krishna is all that we actually need. Being freed from worldly distractions, we will realize that Krishna is Krishna’s best blessing – the only blessing that can grant fulfillment for all of eternity.

And when we show Krishna by our steadfast devotion that we won’t let worldly things steal our heart away from him, he may bless us with those things too – so that we can use them in his service for doing good in this world.


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