Does the brahmajyoti come from Lord Shiva?

by Chaitanya CharanApril 6, 2013

From: Puri Ashishkumar

Its forbidden to preach/speak to Atheists but what really should be the stand to “Bogus/Distorted/Concocted Theism”.In the diagram of the Universe,Madhurya Dham is at the centre, Aishwarya dham outwards to it followed by Kailasa or abode of Shiva followed by the material world.A huge fan following group in white preaches,the Brahmajyoti emanates from Lord Shiva.Is it the illusion of the phenomenon of collinearity that is the basis making them a  ssume that even thoug its origin is Lord Krsna,it is assumed to be Lord Shiva since he is in the front collinearly.Please clarify the 2 words–Lord Shiva and Lord Shankar

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