How material activity can be spiritualized

by April 23, 2013

the person

who constructs a skyscraper is a materialist, and the person who

constructs a temple of Visnu is atmarama. The materialist tries to

satisfy himself in relation to his body by constructing a skyscraper, but

the devotee tries to satisfy the Superself, the Supreme Personality of

Godhead, by constructing the temple. Although both are engaged in the

association of material activities, the devotee is liberated, and the

materialist is conditioned. This is because the devotee, who is

constructing the temple, has fixed his mind upon the Supreme Personality

of Godhead, but the nondevotee, who is constructing the skyscraper, has

his mind fixed in sense gratification. If, while performing any activity,

even in material existence, one’s mind is fixed upon the lotus feet of

the Personality of Godhead, one will not be entangled or conditioned. The

worker in devotional service, in full Krsna consciousness, is always

independent of the influence of material nature.

Srimad Bhagavatam purport 3.27.26

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