Is the intelligence unaffected by material interactions?

by Chaitanya CharanApril 10, 2013

From: Puri Ashishkumar

Unmatched as always will be,is the analogy Lord gives comparing the body to a chariot.Since Lord is the ultimate source of everything,cant the Mind and the Intelligence be considered as two parts of the same subtle object rather considering them as separate entity.Intelligence being a representation of the Paramatma remaining unaffected always whereas the Mind,the remaining part of the same subtle object representing the Atma perpetually affected by the repeated conditionings by the 3 modes.May be like a key considered in 2 parts.One which interacts with the Lock(Material World) is rusted(Mind) and the part outside(Intelligence) is unaffected.Although being inside it is only the part outside the lock which is instrumental in succesfully opening the lock of the material existence.

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