KC doesn’t cause miseries to disappear, but it makes them ineffective

by April 28, 2013

The material world, or material existential life, is filled with

threefold miseries: miseries pertaining to the body and mind, miseries

pertaining to natural disturbances and miseries inflicted by other living

entities. Human society is meant to create a spiritual atmosphere by

spreading the spirit of Krsna consciousness. The miseries of material

existence cannot affect the status of Krsna consciousness. It is not that

the miseries of the material world completely vanish when one takes to

Krsna consciousness, but for one who is Krsna conscious the miseries of

material existence have no effect. We cannot stop the miseries of the

material atmosphere, but Krsna consciousness is the antiseptic method to

protect us from being affected by the miseries of material existence. For

a Krsna conscious person, both living in heaven and living in hell are


Srimad Bhagavatam 3.22.32 purport

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