Let us remember the basic principle of love

by April 27, 2013

The attachment for one’s own body and its extensions like

children and relatives is actually developed on the basis of the real

living entity. As soon as the real living entity is out of the body, even

the body of the most dear son is no longer attractive. Therefore the

living spark, or eternal part of the Supreme, is the real basis of

affection, and not the body. Because the living entities are also parts

of the whole living entity, that supreme living entity is the factual

basis of affection for all. One who has forgotten the basic principle of

his love for everything has only flickering love because he is in maya.

The more one is affected by the principle of maya, the more he is

detached from the basic principle of love. One cannot factually love

anything unless he is fully developed in the loving service of the Lord.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.9.42 purport

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