The last reaction of avidya

by April 9, 2013

The so-called liberation of thinking oneself

God is that last reaction of avidya by which the living entity is

entrapped. The conclusion is that a living entity deprived of eternal

transcendental service to the Lord becomes illusioned in many ways. Even

in his conditional life he is the eternal servant of the Lord. His

servitude under the spell of illusory maya is also a manifestation of his

eternal condition of service. Because he has rebelled against the service

of the Lord, he is therefore put in the service of the maya. He is still

serving, but in a perverted manner. When he wants to get out of service

under material bondage, he next desires to become one with the Lord. This

is another illusion. The best course, therefore, is to surrender unto the

Lord and thus get rid of the illusory maya for good.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.7.10 purport

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