The spiritual master helps us discover how best to serve Krishna

by May 9, 2013

Bhagavad-gita makes it clear that one

can attain the highest perfection of spiritual life simply by offering

service according to his ability, just as Arjuna served Krsna by his

ability in the military art. Arjuna offered his service fully as a

military man, and he became perfect. Similarly, an artist can attain

perfection simply by performing artistic work under the direction of the

spiritual master. If one is a literary man, he can write articles and

poetry for the service of the Lord under the direction of the spiritual

master. One has to receive the message of the spiritual master regarding

how to act in one’s capacity, for the spiritual master is expert in

giving such instructions.

This combination, the instruction of the spiritual master and the

faithful execution of the instruction by the disciple, makes the entire

process perfect.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.22.7 purport

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