Is destiny fixed or flexible? If it is flexible then how?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 27, 2013

From Jayant P through Avatari Chaitanya Pr

How do we define destiny?

I attended lecture “Acts of God” by H.G. Chaitanya Charan Prabhu. There he mentioned that destiny is flexible. I want to know how it is flexible.

He gave an example of Duryodhana and Dhritrashtra. He said that as KURU dynasty was destined to be destroyed by Duryodhana, hence Dhritrashtra did support it by not upbringing Duryodhana in proper consciousness.

I asked the question after the lecture that if Dhritrashtra would have bought Duryodhana in proper consciousness then would it have prevented the destruction of KURU dynasty? His answer was yes. I got confused here because I am not able to clearly distinguish the relation between freewill and destiny. From my thinking, if KURU dynasty was destined to be destroyed then other become only puppets playing their role and it will happen. Bringing up Duryodhana in improper consciousness is just the part of that destiny.

We have seen many examples where in spite of putting many efforts many people are not able to achieve what they want and on the contrary, we see many people can achieve their goals with ease. Many examples of sport players, actors ect. One sport player wanted to become football player and he panned his life accordingly.  Suddenly one day, a tennis coach observed him and thought that he can become good tennis player. Therefore, he trained him accordingly and now he is one of the top player in tennis world. That means he was destined to become tennis champion and the tennis coach just played his role.

I have my wife’s example. When she showed her KUNDALI to her grandfather who was a “HORABHUSHAN” and extremely talented astrologer, very well known in Solapur, he said that you cannot become doctor and you will become engineer and you will also miss tenth merit. That time she was in 8th or 9th and consecutively securing top rank in the school. To their surprise, she really missed her tenth merit by few marks and missed admission to medical by 1 mark. So she was destined to become engineer in spite of how many efforts she put in to get into medical side. As per H.G. Chaitanya Charan Prabhu, we should try our best but if it does not happen then it is destiny or lord’s wish. That means ultimately everything depends upon lord’s wish in spite of what efforts we put in. Which again means that our destiny is fixed. If my wife’s destiny was to become doctor, she could have become in spite of any conditions and we saw many such examples. If we say that destiny can be changes then that is also known to Krishna and I think what is known to Krishna is our destiny. Isn’t it?

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