Uncover consciousness with the sunlight of scriptural wisdom

by June 23, 2013

When consciousness is displayed through the medium of the subtle and

gross material bodies, it is covered, but when the consciousness is

purified, in Krishna consciousness, one becomes free from the entanglement

of repeated birth and death.

When uncontaminated pure knowledge is uncovered from the modes of

material nature, the actual identity of the living entity is discovered:

he is eternally a servitor of the Supreme personality of Godhead. The

process of uncovering is like this: the rays of sunshine are luminous,

and the sun itself is also luminous. In the presence of the sun, the rays

illuminate just like the sun, but when the sunshine is covered by the

spell of a cloud, or by maya, then darkness, the imperfection of

perception, begins. Therefore, to get out of the entanglement of the

spell of nescience, one has to awaken his spiritual consciousness, or

Krishna consciousness, in terms of the authorized scriptures.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.32.28 purport

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