What is the purpose of worshiping demigods and going to heaven when those in heaven are praying to come to the earth?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 27, 2013

From: Puri Ashishkumar

Please explain how do the demigods elevate/redirect their ardent devotee to the Supreme Lord when ultimately those who worship the demigods reach the heavens,a more materialistically opulent place.Paradoxical to this is what the demigods pray in SB 5.19.21-28.Please explain this contradiciton.Demigod worship is Karma Kanda and takes us to the upper bierth whilst we are taught only Akarma can take us to Goloka/Vaikuntha from our existing middle berth.Thus,it seems demigods want to get the middle berth and their worshipers are elevated to the upper berth.Who is in a better position and Why pray to the demigods?? when this elevation seems to be detrimental for any living entity as indicated in the prayers.Can demigods attain Goloka from the heavens

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