When Krishna gives everything why go to anyone else?

by June 16, 2013

Lord Krishna’s transcendental qualities are so

sublime that there is no need to divert one’s attention to any other

activities. His behavior with the devotees is so exalted that a devotee

need not try to divert his attention to any other worship. It is said

that the demoniac Putana came to kill Krishna by poisoning Him, but because

Krishna was pleased to suck her breast, she was given the same position as

His mother. Devotees pray, therefore, that if a demon who wanted to kill

Krishna gets such an exalted position, why should they go to anyone other

than Krishna for their worshipful attachment? There are two kinds of

religious activities: one for material advancement and the other for

spiritual advancement. By taking shelter under the lotus feet of Krishna,

one is endowed with both kinds of prosperity, material and spiritual. Why

then should one go to any demigod?

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.32.22 purport

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